Our Market Sectors

It’s made of titanium and if you pass the mouse over it you may get a surprise. What looks like a standard screw is in fact a safety critical part of an ejector seat mechanism on a fighter jet. This is one of the smallest parts we have produced. Lives depend on this, and we are honoured that we were selected to produce it.
Our versatility and expertise in delivering complex precision components has seen us work across numerous industry sectors.

Whilst each marketplace has its own different nuances, the core ingredients of our success has been based on delivering parts on time and to the required tolerances.

In recent years our technical knowledge has seen us get involved earlier in the production process and, for several clients, we are now working on prototyping and new product introductions. This is where we excel.

Key Markets:


1st and 2nd tier suppliers to the UK and European automotive markets, providing precision turned parts and machined components for use in complex seating systems and suspension and corner mount components amongst others.

Oil and Gas

MCS produces liquid control system components and additional assemblies to the oil and gas supply chain.

Dependent on the liquid in question we often find ourselves working with high-grade stainless steels to deal with corrosive liquids and hazardous environments. Our clients need precise, burr-free production that will create the seal to the required tolerances.


MCS has ever-increasing involvement within the environmental sector, an area of work we are very proud of and continually seeking to grow. The increase in work MCS is seeing in this area pays tribute to the quality and reliability standards that the team adhere to. Managing Director, Warren Gray says: “The most rewarding thing about our increasing presence in this market is that it allows us to satisfy both business and ethical criteria at the same time. It is from this vision our concept of sustainable cnc machining was born.”

One product MCS are currently producing for this industry is a device that helps to reduce regional water wastage. MCS believe that it’s very important that designers continue to devise new methods of preserving the earth’s resources and find it extremely fulfilling to be involved in such projects.


We specialise in providing safety critical components to the aviation industry, working in many materials and to extremely tight lead times.

Assisted Living Technologies

One of the fastest growing markets for our business is healthcare and, in particular, helping develop products that improve the lives of the elderly or disabled.


Specialising in the manufacture of titanium and surgical grade stainless steel to very precise tolerances, MCS has established itself as an important player in the production of surgical devices and groundbreaking implants.