The Machined Component Systems approach to Sustainable CNC machining is to embed application of environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices in all our computer numerical control (CNC) machining processes.

By adopting sustainable principles, MCS machining can minimise our environmental impact, conserve resources, reduce waste generation, and promote social responsibility. Here are some key aspects of the MCS thinking to sustainable CNC machining:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Our Sustainable CNC machining process focus on optimising energy consumption during the machining operation. This includes using our energy-efficient CNC machines. We then employ advanced programming techniques to minimise idle time and tool movements and employ energy management systems to monitor and control energy usage.

In addition to the continual investment in new CNC machine tools at MCS, which reduces energy consumption, we have also invested in two Solar panel – photovoltaic systems, which produces a third of our required electricity. The remaining procured electricity is 100% Green Electricity (GE).

  1. Waste Reduction: The MCS methodology of Sustainable CNC machining aims to minimise waste generation at every stage of our process. This involves implementing efficient material utilisation techniques, such as nesting parts closely together to optimise material yield. Additionally, recycling, and reusing waste materials, such as the swarf and bar-ends, can help reduce our overall waste and environmental impact.
  1. Water Conservation: when using water-based coolant for some of our CNC machines, we put the waste coolant through our MechWash AquaSave filtration and recycling system. This reduces our water consumption.
  2. Emissions Reduction: we monitor our air quality and reduce emissions associated with CNC machining by utilising efficient dust and fume extraction systems to capture and filter harmful particles.
  1. Transport: MCS will reduce our carbon emissions by investing in Electric Transit vans. These vans produce no exhaust emissions, resulting in improved air quality, especially in urban areas.

We will charge these vans from our Solar Panel systems, further enhancing the environmental benefits.

In addition, the operating of these Electric Vehicles will also help to reduce noise pollution in urban areas, contributing to a more peaceful and pleasant environment.

  1. Social Responsibility: Here at MCS, we are aiming for a complete Sustainable CNC machining process. This also considers the social impacts of our manufacturing process. This includes ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for employees and promoting fair labour practices. In addition, we are now seeking accreditation to the BSI standard for Environmental Management – ISO 14001.